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Why do you need both: the short (caption) and the long (comment) names
for each waypoint?
Most of GIS provide two names. The short name can be displayed together with
the symbol on a map. The long name can be useful for references.
Is there the only waypoint list for all maps on a pager?
No. Each map has its own waypoint list.
Will waypoints be saved when I turn pager off?
Yes. Waypoins are stored in the flash memory (together with the maps).
Please note that the waypoint lists will be lost if you erase the application data
with the Desktop Manager's Application loader.
I would like to make a backup copy of my waypoint lists on a PC,
or share my waypoints with my friends.
Is this functionality available in current version?
No. This functionality is not available in current version.
It should be available with the next release.
What is the maximum number of waypoints that I can memorize for each map?
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