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Working with GPS.
Do I need a GPS?
1map works both with and without GPS.
With GPS you are able to see your current location and direction of travel on the map.
I want to use GPS features of 1map. What should I have for it?
1) 1map software. You can download the software, and get additional information
    and support from us.
2) RIM pager. If you have not already purchased the device, you can look at
     http://www.blackberry.net. 1map supports RIM Blackberry 957.
3) GPS device that has serial port and supports NMEA protocol. For example,
    you can purchase a Garmin's GPS device (www.garmin.com),
    or purchase any other GPS with serial port and NMEA.
4) A serial cable to connect your GPS to your RIM pager.
What kind of GPS reciever do I need?
GPS receiver should have a serial interface and be set up to work in NMEA mode
at 4800 bps. Most GPS devices on the market can do that.
I have GPS reciever. How can I connect it to the pager?
Where can I have a cable?
The following options are available:
a) Buy a RIM-to-GPS(Garmin) cable from GeorgeCo Cables;
b) Buy a GPS-to-COM port converter like this one:
    and connect it to your pager's cradle;
c) Assemple the cable yourself.

    Pinout on the RIM side:
        1 GND1 - Connected to RIM 957 common plane
        3 GND2 - Connected to RIM 957 common plane
        7 TxD - Transmit data (from RIM957)
        8 RxD - Receive data (from GPS receiver)

    A data sheet for this connector series may befound at Hirose Electric site
    When the handheld device is held facing you, pin 1 of this connector is on
    the lower left.

    The connectors can be bought on http://www.newark.com
        Newark parts # 95B9040
        Manufacturer parts # 3540-16P-CV
        Manufacturer: Hirose Electric
If you have GPS device from Garmin (www.garmin.com):
Pinout on the GPS side is described in its user's guide,
connector can be bought directly from GPS manufacturer.
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