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How do I look up an address I need?
Just start typing it when the map is displayed. Dialog will appear showing you
what you've typed so far and the best match found for it. Continue typing until you see
what you are looking for in the "match" line, then press "Enter" or click on the roller.
You can type either a street name, like "Broadway" or an address, like "50 Broadway".
How do I look up a street intersection?
To look up a street intersection just start typing the name of the first street.
When the match for the first street is found, press ‘+’ sign and repeat the process
for the second street.
  When you “matched” successfully two streets, just press "Enter" or click the roller.
It should take no more than a second and the intersection you were looking for is
shown on the map.
  If the streets that you entered do not cross “Intersection NOT Found” will appear
on your screen.
home features download faq contact

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