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Installation and map upload.
What are the files in 1map package?
1mapviewer.dll -- 1map viewer, RIM application;
1maploader.dll -- 1map loader, RIM application;
1mapviewer.ali -- RIM config file;
1maploader.ali -- RIM config file;
1maploader.exe -- 1map loader, Windows application for map loading;
readme.txt -- help file;
license.txt -- license agreement.
I see that map file size is 200k. But PC loader shows that it is uploading
10 files (about 400k total. What happens when a map is being loaded?
PC loader indexes maps before loading them into pager. It creates nine index files.
1map utilizes these indicies to speed access to different map areas.
PC loader loads all these files into pager.
How many maps can be stored on the pager?
It depends on the geographic area that you would like to upload to the pager.
Usually, one map covers exactly one county with the size varying
from Kilobytes to Megabytes. The limited size flash memory cannot contain
a map file that is too big. We split such maps further, for example:

   Allen, OH -- 131,043 bytes;
   Los Angeles, CA -- 13,598,343 bytes (will be split into approximately 10 regions)
Can you describe the installation procedure of 1map software?
1) Install 1map viewer and 1map loader (RIM application) to your RIM handheld:
- Make sure your Blackberry is in the cradle and the cradle is
   connected to the your PC;
- Start->Programs->Blackberry->Desktop Manager;
- Double-click "Application Loader" icon;
- Press "Next";
- Press "Add...";
- Select "1map.ali";
- Press "Open";
- Press "Next", go ahead and finish the loading.
2) Upload map(s) to your RIM device:
- Exit from Blackberry Desktop Manager, leave the Blackberry in the cradle;
- Make sure you have enough space on the pager for the map you intend
   to load. In order to do that, launch Options application on the pager, go to
   Status, and check "File Free" option. There is no exact guideline, but the rule
   of thumb is that the amount of free file space has to be at least twice the size
   of .1m file that you want to upload. It is recommended to leave some free file
   space for other applications that might need it;
- Start 1maploader.exe on your PC;
- Select the map file you want to upload and press "Open";
- Wait for the map to upload. It might take some time, be prepared to wait.
   Do not disconnect Blackberry while the map is uploading. If you decide
   to interrupt the upload, press cancel. It will not quit immediately as the device
   needs some time to finish current operation and clean up.
   Please wait until it is finished before taking the device out of the cradle;
- If you need to upload another map, repeat the last three steps;
- Occasionally you might encounter errors due to excessive file system
   fragmentation on the device. To recover from such conditions please reload
   all applications with Desktop Manager's Application loader.
   While doing so be sure to check both "Erase existing handheld application data"
   and "Erase existing handheld applications" checkboxes. Then load the maps
   as described above. If the problem persists, contact us.
3) Running the map viewer:
- After map loading has finished you can take Blackberry out of the cradle;
- Start 1map program on Blackberry;
- Click on the roller, select "Map List" from the menu;
- Select the map you want to see, click on the roller, select "Ok".
   Wait until the Blackberry opens up the map;
- You should see the map. Click on the roller to access the menu with
   different viewing functions;
- To look up an address just start typing it;
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